Monday, December 28, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Yes, we are home from our little get-away...all the way to Allen Park we traveled! For the first time we stayed at the Holiday Inn there, this after a web search. We had one of the nicest rooms we've ever stayed in; fireplace & jacuzzi in our room. I'd say we're refreshed but we weren't all that de-freshed in the first place so let's just say we had a wonderful time.
Mac is still sick, has been for several days. If you ask me it's a direct result of poor sleep habits and a recent trip out to play wally ball wearing a Carhart jacket, hat and shorts. But what do I know? So he's lazing on the couch under an electric throw sipping honey & lemon tea and watching Myth Busters. I've got a pot of stoup on the stove for him. Chicken, celery, carrots, onion and brown rice. And a little garlic to cure what ails ya! Since he helped himself to a good night's sleep in our bed, I've also changed our sheets as I don't care to spend any time rolling around in his contaminated bed clothes.
When we came home I brewed a pot of espresso (see above pic) because, really, can you ever have enough coffee? No is the answer. Straightened up the house because two boys (yes two) can make quite a little mess. Ran to the library and Gordon's Foods (because DaBand is coming over tomorrow.) The snow has been falling all day and making everything just a little prettier and a little cozier. Donny keeps going outside to run in circles in the snow and then coming in to run in circles in the house to warm up. Jay will be headed over shortly for a big bowl of stoup. I'm going to do a little more straightening and then settle in with one of my new library books and a cup of tea with honey.
If you're curious about the get-away; pics are on my Facebook. I am pretty sure you guys are all connected. If not and you're interested, just give a holler and I'll post here.
The tea pot is whistling...


Pat said...

Do you think if dad and I came over tomorrow we could pretend to be part of the band? I don't think any one would notice do you?

Mrs. Mac said...

If Mac is still all cootied-up .. maybe he should sleep in the basement if daband is coming over.