Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Messiah Provider

This morning I turned my radio dial to the Praise channel on Sirius. I will admit to you that gospel music as opposed to modern worship is what really feeds my soul. I will also admit, although I hate to, that I often walk around soul starved without the sense to do such a simple thing as turn a radio dial.

As I mentioned, my heart has been burdened for our soldiers and their families and I hope you are feeling the same burden.

I am also burdened for those families that lack in other ways this Christmas. Loved ones who have passed away; fractured families who cannot celebrate together; illnesses that steal the simple joy of being pain-free; parents dreading Christmas morning without gifts for their little ones; dinner tables lacking the basics much less the feast that Christmas deserves.

There is so much hurt that I so easily push aside as I admire the beautiful lights in my neighborhood and snitch one more tiny nibble of a cookie. I don't apologize for the joy in my life, and I thank God for the plenty that surrounds me. But let me not become so immersed in all that is good and right for me that I forget that all is not good and right everywhere.

When I am soul-starved, I tend to fill the voids with things like Christmas carols played loud enough to drown out the Holy Spirit's whispers to remember others. But when I fill myself with the spiritual food that truly fills me, I recognize the voids around me and remember to ask God to fill the lives that are hungry.

A few lines from my morning and evening drives- songs heard on my radio have resonated in my heart today. No, not Christmas songs. Just truth. The truth that sets men free and fills the hungry spirit. Three different songs, and tonight as I pray for those who lack, I give thanks for the modern-day psalmists who brought forth such truth in lyrics...

I am not worthy, yet I do not worry.

Who is he but Jehovah Jireh, what shall he do but provide?

Praise confuses the enemy.


Louise said...

You speak to my heart my friend. This is a joyous time but also a sad one for many.

Jada's Gigi said...

I have an online picture of my cousin,a Salvation Army worker, standing in a sea of brown bags in their Angel Tree Warehouse...and I am struck by So many in need...then i am reminded that those brown bags represent God's provisions for SO many and also represent an army of God's servants in human clothing acting as His angels whether they realize it or not...God with skin on...for so many at Christmastime.

prashant said...

This is a joyous time but also a sad one for many.

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