Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Smith Report

So? How was your Christmas?
Ours was wonderful, although I don't recall a Christmas that wasn't. I'm sure there have been unhappy Christmases if I think hard enough but I choose to not go chasing after sad memories that have moved into oblivion.
You're wondering what we ate? Christmas Eve was our usual Mexican feast begun about six years ago when Jay was diagnosed with Celiac. Mexican is just about the only always safe bet and a family favorite. Usually the Mr. makes dinner because he is off on Christmas Eve and I'm not. This year I was able to head home after a half day and help a bit. I made Mexican Wedding cake; another favorite and tradition. Dean's parent's joined us, the first Christmas together in 20 years or so. Dean's dad was more out of it than not but when he was lucid he was teary with a soft-heartedness that is new to him.
Our Jay spent the night with us, also become a fairly recent tradition since he's moved out. A new guest in the house was Mac's girlfriend, Lexi. We had a full house! Jay in our front bedroom, Lexi in the family room snuggled on our big couch under our tree (although I don't how she slept with the Christmas lights on!) We opened our gifts on Christmas Eve with Dean's parents and I received a waffle iron from Jay so...waffles (gluten free and regular!) with thick cut bacon, coffee/hot tea and orange juice for Christmas breakfast. Of course, warm maple syrup, real butter and powdered sugar were on hand.
Christmas morning we were not without a few gifts since Santa arrived for we four, Lexi and Donny. He was very generous bringing us our favorite candies and goodies. I can't recall if it was Donny or Santa but one of them gave us a camera for Christmas so once I've mastered it, look forward to more pictures than you'd ever want to see!
Lexi and Mac left mid morning to visit with her family in Toledo leaving Dean, Jay and I to straighten up, admire our new stuff and get ready for Christmas Phase II...
Christmas dinner at my parents! A tradition for about twenty years, can you tell we like tradition around here? I was supposed to work but was able to pull off working from home at the last moment so my mom and my sister took on the real work of preparing a wonderful dinner with the Mr. and I only contributing punch, shrimp cocktail and cookies. We ate (and ate and ate) ham, turkey, green beans, potatoes, broccoli/cauliflower salad, pickles olives...and there was a very small dessert table as well with about 10 different choices requiring the sensible celebrant to limit his or her plate to only 8 or 9 sweets.
We exchanged gifts as the Trent Family on Christmas day, a few years ago giving up the bank-breaking unnecessary gift giving for everyone and drawing names. We haven't missed the giant pile of stuff once. Jay was my "Secret Santa" and I got an awesome giant basket of coffee goodies from the Coffee Beanery. I drew Rob's name and ordered him a "horse clock" per his request and the latest Joel Olesteen book. I was a bit worried that the much awaited horse clock would meet with his approval as it is destined for his office at work but he seemed to like it very much.
I got only one phone call from work with a quick update and instructions from my staff to enjoy my family and not give them a second thought. I wasn't quite able to put the hospital completely out of my mind but I did a pretty good job not dwelling on it.
We came home shortly after 8:00 p.m. tired, full and joyous. Jay and Mac drove Lexi home and settled in to play video games and the Mr. and I headed to bed.
So there you have Christmas with the Smiths. I hope you share your birthday doin's and that your time with family was as wonderful as ours, worthy of the Jesus we celebrate.
Merry day after!
Painting: Santa on a horse in honor of my brother-in-law, Rob.


Pat said...

I still have your giant basket of coffee goodies over forgot them. They are looking very tempting. I'm just saying..

Mrs. Mac said...

coming back for a look-see in case you figured out how to post pics already ;) Your day sounds PERFECT! Especially the pick a name from the santa hat to reduce stress and tension and the overwhelming feeling of getting too much stuff and the aftermath of wrapping paper, bows, curling ribbon all over the place. I hope to remember this for next year ...

Margie said...

sounds like a great day! what is a horse clock?

prashant said...

They are looking very tempting. I'm just saying..

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