Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My headache is not gone but! it's not as bad! Thank you Jesus. It felt so good to be back at work yesterday. Another reason for praise; the Mr. got notification on Saturday that he was laid off this week. Yesterday he was called back in starting today!
With some gentle loving not so gentle nudging from a very close work friend; I applied to the BSN program and will start school again in the Fall. Have been putting this off and less than excited about the whole thing although I realize that more education is never a mistake. Well, yesterday I got that sit-down conversation that only real friends will give you including a presentation of the research of which school seemed the best choice. Nothing left but to apply and no excuses were accepted so; there you have it!
Had my annual performance evaluation as well which I actually really look forward to. My boss scored me higher across the board than I had scored myself and my one "opportunity" for "growth" (HR mumbo jumbo talk!) was exactly the same item I have identified. And it was nice to be able to check DONE on last year's career goal of applying to an undergrad nursing program! Got that in right at the last moment!
Snow is rolling in so drive carefully and don't forget to intercede in prayer for those without enough food, a warm home or the basics needed for winter. And if you aren't one of those in need of that prayer; a moment of thanks as well.


Jada's Gigi said...

Wow! back to school! You are so brave! I have no ambition at all...Glad you are feeling better and doing so well at work..sounds like they love you

Jada's Gigi said...
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