Thursday, December 31, 2009


Mac & I are watching old movies and getting ready to have some deli sandwiches for dinner. Good deli sandwiches always bring my Grandma Trent to mind; they were one of her specialties. Jay worked until 6:00, he'll drive home and then head over here for the evening.
The Mr. is at church. We weren't interested in staying through the entire service until midnight; we're New Year's homebodies and treasure greeting midnight snuggled in (usually literally snuggled in bed) with quiet peace. But he's playing for the first portion of the service and will be home around 10:00 p.m. Nothing exciting to report on the Smith Front which is just how we like it. This is the last evening we'll sit around our Christmas tree until next year; down it comes tomorrow. The fire is warm and the lamplight is mellow and sweet. Mac and I are outfitted in our pajamas and Donny is snoring next to me.
The movie we are watching at the moment is Evan Almighty. Have you seen it? Good movie. It speaks to me especially tonight. There's an old song, The Imperials maybe? Build an ark; head for the open waters. Save your sons and your an ark.
In the movie the town's people who mocked Evan/Noah come to their senses at the last moment and are saved. This evening I am reminded that we are still commanded to build an ark. As daboyz and the Mr. settle in under one roof tonight it's a little bit like our ark. A place where we've done the best we could to measure our steps and our words; a place where we've made a covenant with God to believe in the safe passage of our family into the future.

Dear Lord, thank you for safe passage through 2009. Thank you for strength and health. Thank you that we have passed through 12 months of economic uncertainty without the loss of our home or the ability to feed and clothe our family. Thank you for the plans you have already made for 2010, give us the courage and the wisdom to stand 12 months from now having pleased you and more aware of your love for us than we are today. Lord, if you would, set your rainbow over this home and let it be an ark of safety for the four of us and all of those you send to us. Thank you God, for your son. Thank you for my family and all that you have prepared for us. If there is only one thing I accomplish for you, let my life be an ark where irrational faith is met with inconceivable love. Amen.


Saija said...

my hubby is watching canada vs USA in junior hockey and i'm deciding weather i should pick up a book to read??? toss up ... :o)

just wishing you guys a very blessed 2010 ... so glad that you are enjoying home & hearth together ...

Margie said...

let my life be an ark where irrational faith is met with inconceivable love.

Amen! me too!!