Monday, December 14, 2009

Counting Down to Christmas

I think I think I think we're ready for Christmas! Not completely and entirely done with everything, does anybody get completely and entirely done with everything? But shopping is 99% complete and today I promise to finish my wrapping. Our decorating inside is complete but the Mr. has decided to put lights outside because as we were driving down our street about halfway down the block (on our half) all of the lights stop. I mentioned this must be the Muslim end of the street and he decided that we need to be lit up to clarify our faith!
I worked the weekend which always makes me feel like my home life is in limbo and covering the hospital next Saturday as well but hoping to work from home in which case I have penciled in baking. I've also sent Mac's girl Lexi a message to see if I can't lasso her in to be a baking assistant.
New Santy Claus pajamas to wear on Christmas Day (which I'm working!) are purchased. Obviously I am going to have to wear something a bit more professional to work and then change! Even the stocking stuffers are stocked.
And can I take a moment to say how much I appreciate my Mr.? He does all of the shopping and wrapping for Daboyz and does a good portion of the rest of the wrapping as well. He put up the tree, although I did help hang ornaments! And now he's going out into the wilderness to light up the bushes.
So happy planning and celebrating!


Pat said...

You failed to mention he also put away the tree and ornaments AFTER Christmas!
Can't wait for all the goodies you and Lexi are about to bake!
uncle bob would like some Hungarian pastries..get busy.

Elizabeth said...

What a great man you have!!! and hungarian cookies...yum, havent had those in years!!! happy baking :-)

Mrs. Mac said...

You have your man so well trained, sara :)

Jada's Gigi said...

Happy Christmas!

Constance said...

My man gets the tree and puts it up for me (I have to help) and he hangs his ornaments. Everything else I do and that's fine! That means no compromise and no input! Ha Ha!