Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I have finally admitted it; I'm sick. Again! It seems like this has been a rough year for me in terms of sick days. I called in yesterday and today. Today it seems I feel a little better though. Yesterday I couldn't even finish my coffee! AND I cancelled my hair appointment! I'd like you to pray with me that I can go back to work tomorrow.
The Mr. put up our Christmas stuff so if one has to be stuck at home sick, it's rather a pretty place to recover. On my way home from work Monday I forced myself to stop in at the library despite feeling like some cooties were creeping up on me so I've a lovely stack of books to enjoy. Should I be honest I would tell you that yesterday I didn't even take a shower or get dressed! Yuck! Didn't make my bed, didn't put my dishes in the dishwasher; didn't do nothing but read and sleep! I think my mom came over to return a comforter she washed for me. Not sure.
But sheesh, even after my surgery I showered and made my bed every day! So I guess maybe I really am sick. I promise, however, to shower and put on clean pajamas today. Can't stand to be with myself at the moment! Afterward I can't promise much more than a book and a nap but it's a step in the right direction. I don't think it's the flu, feels more like an upper respiratory situation.
That's all the news from this end of town. I am about to pour a second cup of coffee and read a few more chapters then head for the shower. I'm taking baby steps, I'll shower but I don't see much blow drying and styling in the immediate future!
Take care, cover your cough and wash your hands!


Trish said...

I had these cooties just after I got our Apron...that is why I was only in one photo and didn't cook after Tom got home from hunting.
Don't worry ladies, I didn't touch our Apron while sick!
Feel better sweet girl!

Pat said...

I was there, but stayed my distance. I threw the newly washed comforter in the door and made a hasty retreat!
By the way....thanks for sending me to the laundramat to wash that about a hot bed of cooties-of all kinds!

Trish said...

Feeling better?