Friday, October 12, 2007


The Mr. is about 30 minutes from his folks' house, thanks everybody for your prayers! I had a long day but came home to find my mom had dropped off one of my favorite dishes, Hungarian cabbage & noodles AND some home grown tomatoes to go with! Since Jay can't eat noodles and Mac doesn't like it, it's all mine!
Before he left the Mr. had our carpet steam-cleaned and did some straightening up and cleaning out around our house. It's cool and breezy with the windows open and I'm going to treat myself to the quiet house and wonderful food. I have de-braed, wearing a hoody and pajama pants already I'm settled in with a book and my thoughts.
Please continue to pray for Dean as he'll be turning right around to head back on Sunday. I have an unspoken request for myself and I'll probably be able to share more next week.
My unreasonable conversation went well. You see, God keeps pressing Dean and I to extend grace and mercy to someone and there are concerns that we are being taken in by well-meaning people. We're not handing over our bank books or anything, we're just loving open-handedly. We can't argue with anybody's opinions because chances are that they are right. We just feel a blind unreasonable love. I argued with God about being tougher in our attitudes with our friend and here is what my spirit feels...
It is better to give grace and mercy to someone who turns their back on it than to deny it and see them lost. Thank you for your prayers although I know I was vague in my post. More wisdom is needed in the situation. Just ask God to move in David's (not his real name) life. And in the lives of those he touches.
Well, I'm off to relax.
Love you guys!


tina fabulous said...

i love love.
and the occasional grace insertion.

now give me some noodles.

Sara said...

upon examination; your comment pretty much sums up what i was trying to say. noodles rock.
and love is lovely.
and i love you.
get your own noodles.

Mrs. Mac said...

You know ... your mom fixed that same meal for Arlene and Barry ... where's my portion???? God sorts out vague prayers ... and even those when we use not true identity names ... cuz He's God and can do that stuff ... he even has a secret name for each of us.

Mrs. Mac said...

So ... I forgot to ask ... how long were you home before the (bra) came off (lol)?

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Yep, that was a good meal. We loved it. Tina, you must get your own noodles!

S will pray for whatever the situation is. God will work it out, He always does!

Sara said...

mrs mac, bra removal in less than 30 minutes.

Jada's Gigi said...

sounds like a lovely nite of aloneness! and as for your unreasonableness...I think that may be true spiritual life...His way is usually completely unreasonable...