Saturday, October 06, 2007

You May Not Know...

1. That I play piano. Used to be the church pianist. That was a dark day in the history of the church.
2. That my second and third toes on both feet are webbed. And Crocs don't fit me because my foot is not "tall" enough. My feet are pretty much flippers.
3. I am almost always achy and rarely without a headache.
4. Stress will, within a week, result in a sore throat in my world.
5. I failed Sociology in college straight out of high school. Apparently, not going to class or doing the homework negatively impacts one's grade point average.
6. Mac was an accident. I got pregnant while on the pill. Found out when I was in a car wreck and at the hospital they did a pregnancy test before they'd x-ray my whacked skull. No x-ray. Which explains both Mac and my current mental capacity.
7. I have terrible eye lashes, by that I mean relatively non-existent. Those that I have point in all directions, cannot be tamed with an eye lash curler and fall out constantly. And they're transparent. I have worn falsies (eye lashes!) to more than one formal occassion.
8. I buy tons of clothes that I wear once and then revert back to my stand by t-shirts and jeans.
9. I have gained 12 pounds.
10.I can't stand Hilary Clinton. I have sent her e mails promising to, for the first time in my life, actively campaign against a candidate should she run for president.


MSU gal said...

Even though you and I look like we come from different parts of the world, I got that number 2 toe thing so we must be related! And guess who else has it? B-girl!

Pat said...

I can't believe any of this...your father and I only produce perfect children!

Louise said...

Bless you my child for allowing us to look into your world and your life. Perhaps now I shall the courage and fortitude to come forth with my failings and short-comings. Perhaps.

Mrs. Mac said...

Gee, sara, there's nothing like just laying it all out there for the whole world to read ;) Webbed toes ... did you ever try out for the swim team? You crack me up.

Deb said...

webbed toes?

I gained 15 pounds - I win.

Deb said... I googled webbed toes and learned this:

"Reflexologists believe that webbed feet are a sign of genius. This remains unproven."

tina fabulous said...

LOL.. falsies.