Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We Are Marshall

Yes, I'm home!
We left Sunday after church for our third annual Marshall, Michigan anniversary trip. This year, I think we finally got it all right!
Right B & B (National House Inn). Right room, thank you Jesus (Brookes Suite). Right dinner (Schuler's Sunday brunch). No Ichabod Crane sightings I'm glad to report!
This was as perfect a weekend or getaway as we've ever had. Let me tell you how much God knows our hearts, and cares about what's in there. As you remember, last year I had asked for this specific room and the Mr. booked me for the Haunted Honeymoon Package causing less romance and more sarcasm than anything. So this year we carefully reserved the room I had originally hoped for, the Brookes Suite. Second floor, antique furnishings, claw foot tub, fireplace. Sweet little country room with what looked like yellow furnishings online. We got there and my heart overflowed with joy; the paper was almost the exact same paper as my room on The Farm. I felt like I had stepped back thirty years and was being held again by those sweet walls that used to embrace me. It was not yellow but ivory background with large pink flowers. The view out the second story windows was again, just like the tree-top view from my old room of leafy branches against a bright blue sky. This may seem silly to you, but it was like a tiny wound in my heart that I had grown accustomed to living with closed up. I think the grown-up in me said a better good bye to The Farm than the child had after just a few minutes laying in that old iron bed looking out the window. Some part of my heart realized that it wasn't really gone for good because those sweet days are forever a part of me. Remember that wallpaper Mom?
We ate lunch at Schulers and got there just in time for the Sunday brunch. Prime rib, ham, french toast, waffles, sausage, eggs, pot stickers, gnocchi, beef stew, salads, cheese & crackers, salmon, dessert...there is no way for me to list all there was on that buffet. Take my word for it, it was fabulous.
We walked around town a bit to walk off that great food although most of the shops were closed on a late Sunday afternoon. Back to our room where I swear to you, I was happy to stare out the windows! The Mr. watched football while I read. Margie called. Twice.
Later we strolled down the street to the historic tavern for bar burgers which we took back to eat in bed watching the moon backlight those tree branches that used to live on my Farm.
Monday morning we enjoyed breakfast at the inn. Waffles with blueberries, quiche, muffins and fresh preserves. Oh, and strong black coffee of course! Served in a Marshall, Michigan coffee mug that I really wanted to take home. Nothing special about it other than the Marshall emblem on the side and it was just a nice big deep mug.
We packed up and took a walk around Main Street to enjoy the shops during business hours. Mostly just window-shopping. We walked in to one of our favorite places and there was my coffee cup on sale! Again, God sees what small things will fill our hearts. I enjoyed my coffee before work out of my own Marshall mug!
At the Mole Hole, another favorite, we bought a Christmas ornament. I love Christopher Radko ornaments almost more than sock monkeys on my tree. We got a taco ornament because every Christmas Eve since Jay's diagnosis with Celiac Disease, we have Mexican food.
Every year since 2005 the Mr. and I have enjoyed our anniversary get-away to Marshall. The fist year he bought me a charm necklace like the one pictured here. Some years I get one charm to add, some years I get a few. We even buy my mom and sister a charm every year and last week Amy reminded me to get her her annual new charm.
I have charms that say family; truth; faith; laugh and joy. Every year I reach for the "love" charm but that slot is always empty. It must sell out the quickest.
This year God put the final detail on my trip because the "love" charms were finally there! I now have the charm I wanted that first year we went to Marshall.
So there's my anniversary weekend. It may sound like a lot of inconsequential moments to you, but the details of life make us who we are and it's the finer points that weave my own heart together. The Farm was real again for a few days. I'll hang my shiny taco ornament on our tree with a smile. I will wear my necklace that is starting to grow heavy with happy memories.
And I'll drink my coffee from my Marshall mug.
That should be more than enough to remind me of how well God knows me.
And loves me.


Louise said...

Welcome home friend. Glad you had a wonder-filled time with the Mr.

Pat said...

Perfect, perfect, perfect. Did you get me a charm?
I do remember the wallpaper, I don't recall it being anything special, but I can understand the place it holds in your heart.
I want to move to Marshall.

tina fabulous said...

welcome back traveller. glad you didnt end up in the room with the spooks!

Mrs. Mac said...

Sounds like a 'charming' weekend! So, I'm almost through with the book for the book club you started and then never mentioned again. What's next? ;)

Margie said...

ok, so now I am sitting here with tears in my eyes... how much God loves us... yikes... I learned all those little presents that come when our hearts yearn for them.

BTW... I didn't call you... I called Dean, and it was for a good reason!! both times

Sara said...

i never officially launched the book club but i think everybody read it! what do you guys think of it?
i did get you a charm pat.
i invented marshall.

Pat said...

I haven't finished the book yet, I have 1 1/2 chapters to go. I am loving it!
Don't call me Pat.

Amber Land said...

No one deserves a perfect weekend more than you! Glad you had a great time!

Deb said...

what was that book we were supposed to read??!!...i forget.

and I, too, have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I read of your numerous 'hugs' from God!

...glad your weekend was so grand!

Trish said...

Isn't it awesome that God chooses
just the right moment and place to give us the "desires of our hearts"
Glad you had such a sweet time with
your Mr.

KayMac said...

What a beautiful anniversary! Thanks for sharing it w/ us...now we are enjoying the blessings as well!